Gundamn! @ MAHQ

First, we return to the world of Transformers Prime, reviewing the second season! Then, we're joined by Dollow Rlance as we sit down with actress Karen Strassman - voice of Kallen Kozuki from "Code Geass"!

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In a very NSFW episode, Chris pulls up in a very salty Straight Talk Express, we review the 1984 anime series "Panzer World Galient" & we talk about edits made to broadcast Mecha Anime in the US over the last 30 years!

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Ep. 114 - Enter the Spunky Dragon!

Dollow Rlance stands in for Chris as we discuss Fun Crossovers with Mecha Anime! Then, we sit down for an amazing conversation with voice actress Erin Fitzgerald!

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First, we wrap up Patlabor Round-up with Dollow Rlance when we review Mini-Pato & Movie III! Then, MechaTalk's resident Imperial Storm Trooper, Mr. Bushido, joins us to rap about the impact of the momumental purchase of Lucasfilm by the Walt Disney Company!

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A wrap-up of the Macross World 2012 convention with Dollow Rlance & Soul Bro Ryu, interviews with attendees & the hosts of the event, and finally a performance from the voice of Minmei herself - Mari Iijima!

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Today's Special Episode features Gundamn! @ MAHQ's Soul Bro Ryu, Dollow Rlance from previous Gundamn Specials, Gundamn Listener Varnis, Melissa and Sam - joining forces in this special episode to discuss the history of games produced by Sega!

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The Quarterly Mailbag Explosion awaits! But before raid the post office, guest-host Dollow Rlance returns for our next review for Patlabor Round-up, this time covering Movie 2!

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Two blasts from the past as we return to the world of Code Geass with guest host AmuroNT1, reviewing 2 short stories and the first episode of latest OVA series, "Akito the Exiled"! Then Patlabor Round-up continues when we cover the OVA continuation of the TV series!

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The episode you've been waiting for! As the generation-spanning conflict between Earthnoids and Vagans comes to a head, so do our reviews for Eps. 41 - 49 of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE!

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Ep. 109 - A Vertical Place of Origin

Ed Chavez from Vertical Inc. joins us for an in-depth interview about the Manga industry and discusses Vertical's upcoming release of "Gundam: The Origin"!

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