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Neo & SBR hold an open conversation & retrospective on The Red Comet!

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Neo & SBR start their coverage of Yoshiyuki Tomino's Non-Gundam Catalogue with a review of "Muteki Chojin Zambot 3"!

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In our final episode with Chris as a regular host, we send him off in fine fashion with a listener-submitted discussion topic, a look back on the podcast and one last dip into the ol' mailbag!

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Our Reviews of "Voltron: Legendary Defender" Seasons 3 & 4!

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In this episode, we reach in another grab bag of reviews for Build Fighters Battlogue 3 & 4, Twilight Axis & Gundam the Origin OVA V!

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The Best of 2017 Compilation, brought to you by the one and only Dollow Rlance!

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